Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am still alive!

Hello! I am still here. Please don't stop reading! Allow me to explain where I have been. Grab a snack, use the bathroom, get comfy... it is going to be a long one, but I have pictures!

Pictures... cursed pictures!
I am fortunate to generally avoid the technology woes that so many experience... why, because I married a geek. Some people marry for beauty, some for brains... I married for both (I totally think geeks are cute!). Everette does a marvelous job of pro actively keeping our computer troubles to a minimum--but even SuperGeek can only do so much. In the past week plus, here is what I have encountered--brace yourself for geek-talk. The hosting service that Everette uses for our domain name (home for my email address... and the majority of my family) physically moved the location of their servers. I mean unplugged their computers, put them in a van and drove them to another place. If any of you know this family... you can imagine, life without email is nearly apocalyptic. It was not pretty.
So I tried to make the most of this time and finish (finally after three long months) our church directory. Our church decided to make a pictorial directory, and I (niavely) volunteered to take the pictures. This was the easy part. The tricky part was uploading onto the web directory. Here is where I will omit details for the sake of time and your attention span, but let's just say it was tedious, redundant, confusing and required Everette to rewrite code for the opensource directory (sorry more geek talk).
Several points during this ordeal I paused to write a blog post, because I had these adorably cute pictures from My sister-in-law of Jonathan and his cousin Emily. However... stupid stupid blogger site wouldn't let me post!! I kept clicking and clicking and clicking and no pop-up to upload pictures. I was very annoyed, but not deterred. I sat down one day with Jonathan on my lap and decided to let Jonathan bang on the keyboard and send everyone a message. And oh so stereotypically he whacked something and my post disappeared... and of course, the automatic save function was not working so it was gone, and I had totally lost heart.
So now... today, my email is finally working, the directory is done, and miraculously the upload photo button is working and all my troubles are gone! Thus, ending my week long silence. Look out world, here I come!
On a positive note, we got our voucher for our TV digital tuner which led to the purchase of an antennae, but on the plus side we can get FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Live 18 doppler, and coming soon... PBS!!
A teazer to keep you coming back....tomorrow I go to my old school to see my old co-workers... and next week people come to rip out our floor and put in the new one.. and oh yeah.. Everette starts his new job and will be in New Jersey most of the week.

Jonathan and Emily--oh my cuteness!!!

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melissa said...

Oh my goodness, the pictures could not be any cuter!