Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jonathan and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

So it started off innocent enough. Jonathan woke up at 8 and got in bed with me for a bottle and some cuddle time, that slipped into his morning nap. He had his six month check-up today at noon. Which ordinarily is a good time. However for some reason his morning nap didn't quite last as long as usual so he was up at 9:45 AM. He laid there happily as I got ready. Then we went downstairs for some rice cereal. Yummy! So we were off to the DR. unfortunately it was about this time that Jonathan missing nap began to catch up with him. He was a little fussy-but I was confident that he would doze on the way to the Doctor. He didn't. We didn't have to wait too long to get back to the examining room. Which is worse because it makes you think that you will be seeing the doctor soon. This is not true. They like to make little babies strip down to their diaper and hang out in the chilly exam room for a long time before the Dr. comes in. So we waited. Jonathan began to rub his eyes and fuss. But I was able to distract him with different things to keep him happy enough. But by the time the doctor came in we were reaching the end of our rope. As soon as the Dr placed her cold hands on his naked body he began to wail. Really wail. He calmed down a little, but it was clear he had reached his limits. Unfortunately we still had to get our shots. So as we waited for the nurse, I laid a blanket on the exam table and laid Jonathan on top of it. He was so far gone, I had to physically restrain his hands(to keep him from rubbing his face, and knocking his pacifier out-making him cry all over). The dr. also said he had some fluid in his ears ( I am dreading what that might lead to). So Jonathan finally went to sleep on the exam table, when five minutes later the nurse walked in (with three needles). As you can imagine that is not a great way to wake up. And genius mom A. forgot to bring baby Tylenol and B. didn't bring his car seat in-so she had to carry him screaming out to the car and THEN strap him into the car seat. Needless to say-he was upset. In fact it was the most upset I have EVER seen him. He was crying so hard he was almost hyper ventilating-talk about a helpless feeling as a mom. Of course as soon as I turned the car on he fell asleep, but for a good 30 mins afterward he made those hiccupy sighing noises-you know what I am talking about.

On a more positive note
Jonathan weighs 18 lbs and 1 oz ( guessed 18 even and thoroughly impressed the nurse)
he is 27 inches long.
He is above the 50th percentile in height and weight and above the 75th percentile in head circumference-hmm imagine that!


Michelle said...

Yuck! That is a bad day!

jawolheter said...

Those days are the worst. Luckily they aren't the norm :)