Thursday, March 13, 2008

Everette's got gray hair!

Ok, so he doesn't have gray hair, but he is working for it! What?!?! Everette has a new job! He starts in a few weeks. The name of the company is Gray Hair. They are based out of New Jersey and he will still be working from home. Actually not much has changed... still working from home, still working in the mailing industry, still a chance of travel. But Everette is really excited about the change--and the opportunities that come with it. Gray Hair is a smaller company-which Everette is excited about. One of his old co-workers left last fall to work for Gray Hair and they have kept in touch, and Viola! They had a job that was a great fit for Everette, and they made him an offer he couldn't refuse. The next weeks are full of things to get done. Some of our benefits are changing and that means small details need to be taken care of (my favorite), plus Everette will be trying to wrap things up at his old job and while preparing for his new job which means a fair amount of travel. Mostly we are excited, but a little nervous too!