Friday, March 21, 2008

Final Countdown

So some of you know that due to water damage in our kitchen we are getting new floors in the whole downstairs. The floor came in last week and we are just waiting for a few trim pieces to come in. Hopefully Monday-that's what they said. This means we will be getting new floors VERY SOON! Here is why I am excited about it. When we bought this house the carpets were pretty bad. But we figured with a dog, a new baby, and a giant mud hole for a backyard, new carpets would be a waste. However they have definitely taken a turn for the worse, and on top of that Max (as you well know by now) loves to chew-specifically his toys and little pieces of paper. The debris of his chewing episodes lie all over our living/family room. These pieces of rubber and the like will not be sucked up with the vacuum. It requires (almost daily-if I was anal about it) for me to get down on my hands and knees and pick up the teeny tiny pieces all over the carpet. So my genius brain came up with the idea of putting hardwood-of sorts, all over the downstairs and getting some cheaper area rugs while we wait for our grass and our kids to grow. This makes me very excited! This means now I can sweep most of the debris up with a broom! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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