Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So I thought I would give you a few updates on life as it happens. We are gearing up for Jonathan's first birthday--this is a mixed bag. Happy-that we have a healthy, happy, growing boy. Sad-that he is definitely no longer a baby and I am desperately trying to savor the last few remaining days. Anticipating-the big carseat "turn around".
Somehow I have gotten it in my mind that as soon as he turns one he will be grown up. I know this sounds silly, but I have just decided that he will be a little boy and on his way to kindergarten. I realize this is a stretch, but it will be the end of baby bottles, the end of formula (woohoo!) the beginning of talking, eating grown-up food, walking, and exploring. I feel the days of holding and rocking him are slipping through my fingers and I am on one hand urging them ahead while trying desperately to keep them from slipping through my fingers.

Ok enough of that... we are crawling all over the place. He can wave and his babbling is getting much more intentional.

Everette is currently out of town until tomorrow. Imagine my surprise when I came home this afternoon to a large beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on my front porch. That's right my practical, pragmatic husband sent me flowers. They are gorgeous and I love them!!! and I love him!

Thanks honey!!! I miss you!


Annie said...

I think flowers are such a nice gift... Way to go, Everette!

And I know about the sadness of your children getting older. I love it and hate it simultaneously. It amazes me when I look at pictures from just six months ago... They grow more quickly than you realize.

Amber said...

I'd say that boy misses you too! :)