Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Extravaganza!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the long awaited birthday highlights.
The party was awesome! It was a fantastic day weather wise and also in party festivities. Jonathan held up remarkably well. I was worried about two things...
1. He would scream when we all sang Happy Birthday
2. I have been to enough one year birthday parties, to know that the "too much party" meltdown.
We (he) successfully avoided both. Mommy held up quite well too.
Here are the highlights.
Thank you to all who were present and those who wished they were!!

We began the day going to breakfast--our first trip in the forward facing car seat.

Great Gramma Betty and Aunt Laura both had weddings that day-so they came to breakfast with us. Here is Jonathan spinning the wheels (his favorite thing) of his new car from Great gramma.
Jonathan and Cousin Emily had a great time crawling around together.

Ahh, our first bite of cupcake. We liked the frosting but could care less about that spongy cakey thing. (just like my great-aunt Marylain)More playing on the floor together.

The birthday cupcake-cake!

The birthday boy and his mama!
This picture is for gramma-so she can see that Jonathan doesn't always cry around her!

Here is a video Everette put together of the afternoon-especially present opening.


Stephanie Brennan said...

Like I told you the other day, Jonathan just looks so big now that he has a neck. :) He's such a handsome boy and looks so happy forward facing in the car.

katierobinson said...

Jonathan is so cute!!!

Elijah is SO big!!!

And is Brian SERIOUSLY talking about teaching 14 year old kids how to make wine?? =)