Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who wants some hate mail?

So sometimes I read other blogs and think... wouldn't that be so cool if I got hundreds of comments on every post. Then I would be so popular and so cool.
But then I think, "well Megan, you will probably have to post more than once a month for that to ever happen."

Then I think, how frightening it would be if that many people really read my blog. Because I think I am happy with my small, familiar audience (thanks for reading, Honey). Because what if I opened my big fat mouth and said something really stupid (I know, I am sure you are dumb with disbelief at even the insinuation that I could possibly say something stupid). If I said something really stupid, then I would get hate mail. I am pretty sure I am not ready for hate-mail. I am too fragile for hate-mail. Everette, now Everette could handle hate-mail.
I would shrivel up into a tiny puddle of pathetic self-loathing, lie in a corner weeping, and writhing on the floor.  Please do not send me hate-mail. I am a mother, and I have responsibilities. You would be ruining this child's life, if you sent hate-mail to me. Do you want that on your heads?

1 comment:

Annie said...

Is that your lens cap that Jonathan is holding? I kept studying it, thinking at first that it was an Oreo, but it seemed both too big and too skinny.

Whose blog do you read that gets hate mail??