Saturday, February 13, 2010

A double post

There is just too much going on to only post once today. I try not to post too many times in one day so I can spread things out a bit... but... oh well.
So over Christmas we had the opportunity to purchase our digital proofs from our wedding. And I have been going through them and reminiscing...
SO I will share...
First here are some of our engagement pictures...

This picture is to share how totally young we look. It is ridiculous. There is a picture of me when I was 8 with that exact same expression on my face.

See how happy we were! And look at Everette's super sexy watch!

As I looked at these pictures, I remember STRESSING about what to wear for them. For both of us... And I cannot figure out what the heck I was thinking. That top has zero color and I hardly ever wore it... Ever. Everette had some lame-o striped t-shirt. Who gets their engagement pictures taken in a t-shirt?  Someone should have staged an Intervention. But let's move on... there will be plenty of time to criticize wardrobe choices later. I promise.

I am however, digging my makeup... I should try to go back to that.... I wonder if I still have that in the bottom of my makeup drawer, six years and two moves later. Probably... is that gross? On a side note.. over the past six years, Everette's skin has gotten so much better, my skin has gotten sooo much worse. WARNING-A HAZARD OF SHARING YOUR BED WITH A MAN: at night hairs from his head crawl down his face and creep onto you and root themselves in your neck and on your chin.  It has to be true, I have no other explanation for what is happening to his head and my throat.
Please send help.

Speaking of wardrobes.. let's discuss pants. 1. Please forgive Everette's freaky stone washed jeans. It was the early 90's afterall.  No? It wasn't? It was 2003? Please forgive me, I know I picked these, but I am sure they were my best option. Everette's wardrobe makeover has been long and slow. Just keep in mind he wore rainbow colored sweatpants into middle school. Plus did you see the watch?
2. Let's discuss my pants. They are the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" pants. They are miracle pants. They were from Old Navy, and my sister had a pair, my sister-in-law had a pair and at least three of my friends as well. They looked great on everyone. I still have them, and sometimes I like to put them on and prance around, singing, "I Feel Pretty". And then I have a pillow fight with myself and watch The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.  Everette puts on his stonewashed jeans and joins me. He wears a blazer and I call him Blane.

You might notice that Everette was super smiley... There was a period of time in his life when he was smiley. It began soon after we began dating and ended when he had to start paying a mortgage and worry about supporting his family.

This is my favorite picture. It is so whimsical, Everette's shoulders look super broad and super strong and my hair... looks pretty amazing. Please take a moment to appreciate the wash of my jeans. I am telling you magic pants.


bethany said...

CUTE! I really was impressed with how much Everette is smiling. :)
Also, I need those pants.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Love the pics :)

Annie said...

Very sweet. We never had engagement pictures done, except for a picture I took with the timer on my camera ... and I don't know where it is. But I do know that we looked very, very happy!

Anonymous said...

Love this post!! - Meghan