Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not My wedding photos

So today is February 18 and way back in January (technically December 31st) my brother and his wife celebrated their 10 anniversary with an Orthodox Crowning Ceremony. An Ortho-whaty? Yes, My brother and his family (as well as my sister) are Eastern Orthodox. Please try to keep up people. Anyway, it is kind of like renewing your vows.... kind of.
Anyway, My sister and I took some pictures of the whole ordeal. But since it was in the middle of my back nightmare and the church was extremely dark, and I wasn't impressed with the pictures I promptly loaded them onto my computer and completely forgot about them. That is until my sister-in-law called asking to see them.
Not wanting to give her a bunch of uber dark, uninspiring pictures, I busted some photoshop moves on them and they didn't turn out half bad.
Michelle your disk is ready for you, but the rest of you can see them here!

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Bob"O" said...

Meg I'd like to make a comment on the ketchup bottle. Actually It's a question to ponder, If A tomato Is a fruit wouldn't Ketchup Be a smoothie?