Monday, February 15, 2010

Mary Poppins Was Wrong

It isn't a spoonful of sugar....
It's a medium sized blob of ketchup that makes the vegetables go down.

Tonight at dinner, Jonathan was dipping his potatoes in ketchup. Everette asked me, "how unhealthy is ketchup?"

Me: Well relatively speaking, not that bad. Assuming he isn't drinking it by the cupful.

E: well, I guess is it better for him to eat asparagus dipped in ketchup or not eat asparagus?
Me: Oh definitely better with ketchup than not at all.
E: Oh well then, (dipping an asparagus bite in ketchup) Here you go Jonathan.

Like I said, it isn't sugar, it's ketchup,  or maybe it's the sugar in the ketchup.


amberbahler said...

I have heard that Ketchup has a lot of sugar but I've never checked myself. Emerson is only 11 months and won't eat veggies so the ketchup dipping may commence at our house soon.
2) Does that bottle of Heinz really say "Church Relevance" on the front?

Bob"O" said...

Ain't nuthin wrong with ketup

Anonymous said...

Mimi thinks that whatever rocks your boat and gets those veggies in!