Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to Get Along...

...with your family.

I began this post last night as I was lying in bed.
I just returned from spending a week with my mom and dad, and aunt and uncle.
And while our famliy is far from perfect, we genuinely like each other and choose to spend time together.
I was thinking last night as to how that is possible. I know plenty of people that would get nauseous at the thought of spending a week with their parents. So here are my tips on how to get along with your family.

1. Love the Lord and seek to serve Him.
2. Apologize often (and quickly-don't wait, if you know you said something harsh apologize in the next breath).
3. Practice the art of forgiving (even before someone asks).
4. Keep short accounts.
5. Keep your family stocked of adorable, well-behaved children.
6. Find reasons to be thankful in all situations.
7. Practice the art of deep-breathing.
8. If step 7 proves to be too difficult or ineffectual keep a bottle of whiskey on hand just in case.
9. Remember Love covers a multitude of sins.
10. As much as possible remember that your parents, in addition to being your parents, are people: with feelings, battling their own selfish desires, and working out their own salvation. Try to forget everything they did that embarrassed you when you were younger.
11. Extend grace whenever possible.
12. Try to identify what exactly is frustrating you, then when you are no longer angry about it, simply explain why you feel that way.
13. Be quick to listen.
14. Find a place you can be alone for a few minutes.
15. Laugh together as much as possible.
16. Hug a lot.
17. Have slumber parties (with your mom, or your sister, or your niece).
18. Say "I love you" whenever you can.
19. When you are all together, add music, and maybe a little wine.
20. Have a family like mine.


Michelle said...

Megan, you are awfully wise.

Annie said...

I love this ... and how appropriate for me to read it right before my parents arrive for a short visit!