Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something to watch

Since I have already confessed my shameless love of period movies (if you are new to this blog: 1. I am sorry and 2. you really should read this post as it will most likely change your mind about ever reading this blog again).... Here is my latest love.

I accidentally stumbled across it last Monday when Everette was at Bible Study and there was nothing good to watch on TV because everyone was showing reruns so we could watch figure skating on NBC.

It was a PBS Masterpiece classic. Usually I have a difficult time getting into those PBS dramas... they are a little too BBC for me.
But I had seen a preview for it earlier and my interest was already piqued.
It was Jane Austen's Emma.
It was awesome... if you happen to like those melodramatic (although this one wasn't too bad), fabulously costumed, non-salacious chick flicks.... And I do.

Check your local PBS listings or start watching it now right here!
It is three episodes. The first is two hours, and the rest are only an hour. I recommend you clear four hours in your schedule because once you begin, you will not want to stop.

I have watched it mostly twice, in random order.
I promise you won't be disappointed!!

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